March 2020

Specify Alternate Text My Interview on Podcast
I was recently contacted by long time DNN'er and Solo Coder podcast creator, Aderson Oliveira, about an interview for his podcast. It was like many of my speaking engagements... someone's tight on speakers or had a recent cancellation and I get to stand in as a stunt double.
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January 2020

Specify Alternate Text Top 5 Questions Asked During Intranet Demos
The solution consulting team at Simpplr has given tons of demos over the past few years. These demos have all centered around one main topic - employee engagement. In this blog I’m going to review the Top 5 Questions that we get asked on intranet demos.
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October 2019

Specify Alternate Text 2019 Particle Powered Fright Props
It’s that time again! Halloween is upon us and like many of you reading this post, I’ve been tinkering around, ordering parts, and trying to figure out what I can creatively do to combine IOT and Halloween and have a little fun. This year we are going to build 2 devices and work in some FrightProps pneumatic kits that leverage solenoids to control the airflow. On top of that, I’ve been teaching a kid how to do all this stuff!
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June 2019

Specify Alternate Text Next Steps
June 14th, 2019 will be my last at DNN Corp / ESW and it has been a fun ride. While I’m transitioning out of Corp, I will still be actively involved in the DNN Community. I wanted to post this blog as a reflective post and to let you know where I’m heading next.
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May 2019

Specify Alternate Text 32 Tips to Rock Your Online Sales Demos
As a sales engineer, I do a lot of online presentations for clients, prospects, colleagues and partners. When conducted well, online presentations and demos can be very effective sales tools. This blog details 32 tips for rocking your online sales demos.
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Specify Alternate Text .NET Open Source and the .NET Foundation at MSBuild 2019
I recently attended MS Build 2019 and volunteered to assist with the .NET Open Source / .NET Foundation booth at the conference. It was a great conference and we spread the open source goodness with attendees and I even ended up on the MSDN Channel 9 live-stream panel discussing the .NET Foundation.
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March 2019

Specify Alternate Text Using the Defective Pixel Repair Feature in Pulsar Thermal Optics
Have you ever seen a small pixel in your Pulsar Thermal optic’s screen that you wish wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb? If you fire your gun a lot these pixels-that-need-repair occasionally occur, but fear not, Pulsar has anticipated this and provided a way to resolve it. I had one on my screen for a few months before I investigated it and the good news is that it’s really simple to correct!
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February 2019

Specify Alternate Text 7 Benefits of Having a Thermal Monocular
A thermal monocular offers several benefits some of which may not initially obvious. After having used a thermal monocular for over 2 years, I’d like to share some of the ways I use this recent technology to get an edge in the field and beyond and some ways you may not have thought about using a thermal monocular before.
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Specify Alternate Text Adam Smith & Clint Patterson Named to 2019 Pulsar Pro-Staff
We are excited to announce that two of our members are now Pulsar Pro-Staff members. Adam Smith and I were recently selected to the Pro-Staff team and we are excited to see what 2019 has in store. As you have likely seen in our posts, our team has been doing a lot of night hunting lately and we use Pulsar scopes on our setups. We’ve been putting a lot of time into the images and videos we share from the hunts and Pulsar has recognized.
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November 2018

Specify Alternate Text Scratching the Surface with Blazor
Recently I presented on one of Microsoft’s latest technologies, Blazor, at our Southern Fried DNN User Group meeting. DNN, like many ASP.NET web applications, is looking for ways to get more modern and I believe that Razor could play a big role in DNN’s journey to .NET Core. In this meeting I presented an introductory level session on Blazor.
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October 2018

Specify Alternate Text Microsoft, Open Source, & Why It's a Great Time to Be a .NET Developer
Microsoft is serious about open source and it’s not just lip service. As an avid DNN user I’ve been around Microsoft technologies and open source for a long time now and the transition that’s recently taken place at Microsoft has been great to see. As I’ve heard a lot lately… this ain’t your daddy’s Microsoft!
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