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Have / Have Nots

I have:

  • Eaten at the same restaurant for lunch every day since I've been here
  • Seen the same drunk guy passed out at the same bus stop 5 out of 7 days a week....many times sick on his stomach if you know what I mean
  • Sat in a sauna at least 3 days a week if not more
  • Become a fan of "Hesburger"
  • Spent so much time on the internet that when I go outside my eyes are blurry and I can't focus long distance
  • Learned a little bit of the finnish language
  • Seen men and women just peeing in the middle of downtown and more than once
  • Recieved 5 international phone calls and 5 packages in the mail and 2 more on the way
  • Had difficulties sleeping due to excessive light, but i'm getting use to it
  • Watched 2 channels on the TV all the time, either BBC News or MTV ...yes they are in English
  • Heard 50 cent in the club
  • Tasted the candy salmiaki and will never do it again
  • Sent over 200 text messages since I've been here
  • Missed Bojangles, KFC, and Fiesta Brava
  • Eaten a kebab at least 3 times a week every week
  • Seen a moose
  • Seen several men wearing daisy dukes
  • Been blessed to be in a good town, surrounded by good guys that take care of us and have recieved several emails fromyou all back home supporting and encouraging me and even taking time to read silly stuff like this

I have not:

  • Woken up before 10 am more than three times
  • Been in an air conditioned room since I've been here
  • Had to tip any waitress cause they don't do that here.....maybe thats why the food costs so much
  • Eaten breakfast since I've been here....saves money and adds sleep
  • Caught a fish here....yet
  • Had full reception on my cell phone for over 20 minutes....Radiolinja????
  • Bought a 3 liter drink here.....I don't think they have them, but maybe they are somewhere
  • Eaten fried chicken, but I want to
  • Ever been away from home for this long
  • Seen an escalade, navigator, suburban, tahoe or anything similar to them...or chrome rims and spreewheels are out of the question
  • Seen anyone dipping in their bottom lip
  • Met anyone that can sit in the sauna longer than Marlon can...though I've heard that Sepa can
  • Ridden in the "Queen of Pori", but I want to
  • Thrown an interception during the regular season


I'm sure there are several more to add to these lists, but I can't think of them right now


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