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3 Reasons to Attend DNNCon Baltimore
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It’s DNNCon week! The DNN Community is ramping up with excitement about the conference this upcoming weekend. I know that our Carolina based crew is looking forward to the road trip to the DC/Baltimore area, the convos/sessions/parties at the conference, and most of all the fellowship with everyone in the community.

That said, if you’re still on the fence about attending I think you should give a go and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. You’ll Meet People Who Can Help You Learn
    If you’re looking to learn there is no place better to be. Whether you are a DNN guru or a new person in the DNN Community there is so much knowledge to soak in that you should definitely attend. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed is learning how other people go about solving the same challenges that I was facing. Literally everyone around you at the conference has some sort of experience or knowledge that you can benefit from. All you have to do is ask… don’t be shy! 
  2. Node / SPA / MVC / JWT / IOT
    If you’re in the loop on trending technologies then you’ve probably heard of Node JS, Single Page Applications, the Model View Contoller programming style, JSON Web tokens, and the Internet of Things. However, if you’re like me you probably don’t know how to use all of those like a rock star just yet. Well the good news is that there are sessions on all these subjects during the conference! Where else can you go and find this type of knowledge in one day that is all linked to DNN? I’m excited to learn more about these technologies and their integrations with DNN and you should be too!
  3. Open Source is Free & Awesome and DNNCon Is Too!
    DNN is an open source platform and as such you are able to freely download the code and contribute/modify/update as you wish (DNN Platform on GitHub). There is a lot of power, energy, and community in open source and in the DNN Community specifically. This weekend you can experience all that and more simply by showing up at the event. You may even win some of the awesome swag that’s available too! I’ve seen tweets about XBOX’s, Drones, and more! The future is open source, join the movement!
I also heard there was going to be an interesting keynote + some creative Ignite sessions as well! We hope to see you this weekend at DNNCon Baltimore!

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