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Week 12 / Bye

Well this week was the first round of the playoffs so we had the bye week. It was nice to not have a game and try to get everyone healed up. We tried to go on a cruise to Sweden this weekend, but the boats were full so we're trying for this coming weekend after our game. If we can't go to Sweden then maybe we'll go to Russia because its not too far from here. At least St. Petersburg isn't too far from what I've heard.

This week I went to a fair or something similar to a fair. There were people selling all kinds of stuff along with carnival rides, food, music performances, and an army display so that was pretty neat. It was in a place that would be similar to the Charlotte Merchandise Mart, but smaller. So we lifted like 3 days and Marlon is still in training for the Sauna Competition that will take place this week. Sorry, we're not accepting international bets. Then about mid-week they had an Art festival here in town. I didn't see any art, but the streets were more packed than I've ever seen them. Also, all of the students are starting to arrive back to town and there are some new faces around. I guess it is time to go back to school....being a graduate you know those things don't cross my mind. Then on Saturday Kari, the camera man for our team took Marlon and I to a hockey game. This was my first hockey game (or is it match). It was pretty neat to watch, but I don't think that I could ever play that...mainly cause I've never ice skated which may pose a problem. The first goal of the game was scored by an American. The game was in the big arena here in town and it will hold around 11,000 people.

As I spend much of my time watching the BBC News channel I saw the shots of all of the people in New York without power. I have 2 friends in New York that are checking the page, but I didn't see them on the news. It was weird to see that from over here. I also hope that no weapons dealer tries to get on my airplane in Heathrow or I may just have toget off and catch a later flight. In the first round the Crocodiles beat the Vikings so we will have to play them for the 3rd time this season in the 2nd round of the playoffs. This will be a home game and a TV game so we are hoping to be victorius again. I hear the Eagles whipped up on Marlboro County...somebody tell that to Darrin Bradford. Looks like we may be making another trip to Williams Brice this year. Also, I sent our first TV game home on video tape and they attached it for the first time last night. If any of you are interested in watching it and also seeing the new " Patterson Palace " then swing by there and check it out. I don't think they'll mind and if they do, tell them I sent you.

2 weeks and 3 days left in the countdown...

No game this week so no pics, I will have more next week.



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