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Random Things About Finland
  • Everyone here has a dog or two, but I've never heard any of them bark
  • Its ok to walk down the street with a beer in your hand
  • Its ok to walk down the street 3 sheets in the wind and the cops don't care (check the video link, we caught one on tape)
  • There are no big buildings here, as in Tower like buildings
  • People will only talk to you when they are drunk
  • Everywhere you turn there is a suana
  • There are no Wal-marts nor any Wal-mart like stores here
  • Everyone only has a Nokia cell phone, even the little kids
  • Its normal to see a mohawk and more than 3 colors in a person's hair
  • The movies have assigned seats
  • There is always a bar/pub within 50 yards of you as long as you are in the city
  • Its ok to have a nudity on regular TV
  • They sell alcoholic beverages on Sunday
  • You don't have to tip the waitresses
  • None of the bread is soft here
  • The coach can be on the field without being penalized
  •  There are no bugs here (probably due to the cold winter)
  • You have to take your shoes off if you are inside of someone's house and it doesn't matter how long you are staying
  • There are more blondes than brunettes
  • The stoplights are on the side, not in front of you
  • Its normal to see a business person riding a bike to work
  • The sun is out almost all day
  • They put dip in the upper lip
  • People don't operate on the same time as we do, so it doesn't matter if you stick to a schedule or not



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