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Rooster Scrimmage
It was very odd to scrimmage the Roosters today.  I did not play due to the fact that I've only been here for 2 days and I don't know any of the plays yet, but seeing that team in a different country was a weird feeling.  I did throw in warm ups though.  I recognized some of those guy's faces and even spoke with their coach before the game.  We were talking about last season and all.  He was telling me about his different strategies of stopping the Trojans because the first game they blitzed like crazy and in the championship game they backed off to stop the pass...neither of which worked out in the end.  I remembered his face from being interviewed on TV and this was the first time that I have ever talked with him.  See our offensive coordinator here in Sweden use to coach for the Roosters so that's how they know each other and how they lined the scrimmage up.  
Also, another pleasant surprise was the fact that my good friend from Turku Enes Becic came over and played with us in the scrimmage.  He is trying to get signed on to play here this season and its looking good so far so hopefully it will work out for him to be on the team.  One small note is that the team from Finland took the boat over to the game which was something different or at least in my eyes it was.  Enes also took the boat and we were talking about where to go to eat after the game and he mentioned that he was driving.  I was like what?..didn't you ride the boat too and he was like yes.  It didn't occur to me that they can bring their cars on the boat with them, but he did and he drove it in Sweden.  It was neat to see him again and also weird to see him playing with a different jersey on, but yet still on my team, and yet in a different country.
I also saw a guy named Timi who played on the Trojans team last year except this year he is playing with the Roosters.  I immediately recognized him and talked to him.  I think some of the Roosters were still bitter towards me about last year's championship so I just made my way down to my new team's sideline.
And for the scrimmage game...well the Royal Crowns didn't prevail, but did show signs of some things to come.  We got beat by a few td's.  The scoreboard wasn't on so I can't really remember.  I just know it was so cold out there that I thought it was going to snow.   The running back on our team broke a few ankles on some runs so that was tight.  I think we will have a good team this year once everyone on the team gels.  Coach says that there are a lot of new faces out there so hopefully we can make a good mesh and make a run at the championship.  For the overall scrimmage the team played a little flat I thought.  Hopefully that will change as well.  The Roosters had their Qb back from Germany that they all say is so great.  I won't lie..he did play well, but I don't think he's all that they built him up to be and if he is then he'll break the records I set in Finland.  I guess Mr. HomeAmerican Patrick Morton can fill us in on that one at the end of the season.  So overall I believe we can be better.  It seems there were a lot of mental mistakes and in the second half a lack of enthusiasm.  I will do my part to make things right for the scrimmage in Germany which is about 2 weeks away I believe.

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