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2017 Eagles Hype Video
2017 Eagles Hype Video

The Central High School Eagles of Pageland, South Carolina have a rich tradition and history of success. A few years ago my friend, Jason Fararooei, a video producer from the Charlotte area, took a liking to the program. Over the years, Jason has made some really great videos for the eagles. If you haven’t seen them then check out 3:17 and the Eagle Tribute Video.

3:17 video Eagle Tribute video

With so much recent transition going on at Central, we decided to make another video to try and create energy and enthusiasm around the program. Our hope is that the new head Coach, Trent Usher, will get the program back to where it used to be.

Central Eagle Baseball Alumni Association
Central Eagle Baseball Alumni Association

Recently Punkie Haigler contacted me about the Central Eagle Baseball Alumni Association. He showed me the article he ran in the Pageland Progressive that is posted below:

For nearly two decades now, Coach Mitch Leaird and his staff have carried on the winning tradition of Central High Baseball. This proud program that was started by Coach Joey Mangum in 1977, has won its share of Region Championships, District Championships, and given many players the opportunity to play at the next level.

During these tough economic times, Coach Leaird has had to operate on a limited budget. As former players, we can help make sure our beloved program has the resources it needs to continue the winning tradition. We are asking you to join the Eagle Baseball Alumni Association for a yearly donation of $20. The money raised through this club will be used exclusively for the baseball program.

On Friday, April 12th, at 6:00 pm, we will celebrate Alumni Night at the home baseball game against Indian Land. We hope all former players will join us on this night to present Coach Leaird with our fundraising check and enjoy a night of great baseball and seeing old teammates and friends. Players who have joined the Alumni Association will be admitted free.

Please help us help our baseball program. Join Today!

Punkie Haigler

My first questions to Punkie was, can we give online, and then it dawned on me that there was another reason Punkie was contacting me. So after a few weeks of working out some technical items here online we’ve finally made it possible for anyone to give online to the Eagle Baseball Alumni Association. You can click the button here in the blog to donate. Though, as I post more blogs over time this blog will pushed lower on the page and therefore I’m going to leave the button on the home page of my site as well so that it’s easily findable.

Although the yearly donation is slated at $20 if you feel compelled to give more I’m sure Mitch, Marty, and the other coaches and players would greatly appreciate it. If you have any comments, suggestions, or want more info, please contact Punkie at the contact info he mentioned above.

Also, I wish I could make the Alumni Association game, but we're hosting a large web conference in Charlotte that weekend. So ya'll have a good one and I hope to be there next year.



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