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I first bumped into DNN around 2005 while working at a local university in the Charlotte area. At that time, I had no idea what DNN or open source was or the impact it would play in the next decade and beyond of my life. Since then I’ve met awesome and generous people, ended up in places I never expected to go, made a lot of friends, and have learned a lot along the way. The DNN platform and community have definitely impacted my life.

Around 2 years ago I was contacted with the challenge of re-engaging with, empowering, and reinvigorating the DNN Community. This happened as the acquisition occurred. Of course, these were all things I wanted to see happen and to get to be a part of it was even better. And while there may have been some bumps in the road, we have come a long way since then.

We’ve Made Great Progress and We’re Just Getting Started
Since re-joining DNN Corp 19 months ago as Ecosystem Manager, the DNN Community has made great strides. DNN Corp leadership followed through on the promise to empower the community and we’ve seen the community undergo an exercise in self-organization and take complete ownership of the source code. We’ve joined the .NET Foundation which ensures the code base will always remain open source and the community now drives the roadmap for the platform. Further reinforcing the progress and contrasting from years past, DNN TAG leadership now has “owner” rights to the DNN platform GitHub repo and can build releases at will.

Outside of the code, the MVP Program was turned over to, and MVPs were elected by, the community. Community members are also running the annual DNN Website Awards Competition. And as of this past week’s DNN-Connect conference in Switzerland, the community has launched its own site, And last but not least, the documentation center was turned over to the community and is now live and in preview mode.

We have indeed come a long way and made great progress since the acquisition. I’ve tried my best to meet the challenge of re-engaging with and empowering the community. Hopefully I’ve played a small role in bringing on some of the positive change in the community. It’s been great to watch the community respond, take initiative, and step up. We still have a way to go and I look forward to continuing to be a part of the journey with the community.

Transitioning Back to DNN Community
I will now return to full time community member as I recently accepted a new role and will be transitioning out of DNN Corp. Moving forward, although I’ll no longer be at DNN Corp, I’ll still be active in the DNN Community. That is, I’ll still be involved with DNN Association, DNN Summit, the DNN Docs team, the Charlotte-based Southern Fried DNN User Group, .NET Foundation activities, and you’ll see me online as well!

Next Steps
I’m excited to have accepted a role as Senior Solutions Consultant at Simpplr. Simpplr is a SaaS based intranet solution with a lot of similarities to DNN. If you are looking for a modern intranet, that is indeed simple to use, feel free to reach out!

Oddly enough, the US-based Simpplr office is located in San Francisco not too far from the old DNN Corp offices. So, I’ll be riding down El Camino Real again soon and for any old DNN’ers let’s connect when I’m in town.

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Avatar  Ash Prasad 4 months ago

We'll miss you at the Corp, Clint; but as always will see plenty of you in the community. Thank you and love talking with you all the time -- that southern touch

Avatar  Joe Brinkman 4 months ago

Awesome news Clint. I am excited to see you crush it in your next role as well.

Avatar  Dennis Shiao 4 months ago

The DNN community is fabulous, Clint, and it's due to enthusiastic, diligent, engaging and friendly folks like yourself. You've helped make the community a great "place." Congrats on the new role!

Avatar  David Poindexter 4 months ago

Fantastic Clint - congratulations on the new position and we really look forward to working with you once again as a fellow DNN Community member!

Avatar  Martijn Verbeek 4 months ago

Always difficult to leave something you care about and to take a new step forward. So more than respect.

Avatar  Will Strohl 4 months ago

Exciting stuff Clint! Sounds like we'll be having a drink together very soon. Having had you on my team in the past, I know you'll have no problem excelling in your new role. (Just don't make them more popular than DNN.) 😁

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